Storage solutions – what’s involved?

We thought that this time round we’d take a broad look at all of the components that make up storage solutions, so that you get a real sense not only of all of the things that you need to be thinking about, but what actually constitutes a genuine solution.

So let’s begin by covering off what we actually mean by a “solution” in this context, before looking at the detail.

What is a solution (classic definition)?

Well, a fairly straightforward definition is “a product or service that is designed to meet a particular need”.  Now let’s build on that.  There are different ways of meeting a particular need aren’t there?

  • you can just about meet it (i.e. do the bare minimum commensurate with what the customer wanted)
  • you can do a pretty good job, and possibly even exceed expectations to some extent
  • or you can go above and beyond what the customer wanted and so significantly exceed expectations: perhaps going the whole way by actually delighting the customer

Of course, there are probably some more subtleties to this, and you could if you really wanted to define more levels, but you get the gist.  Our point is this: a real solution to a customer’s requirement will be one that genuinely delights them … otherwise we’d argue that at best it’s only a partial solution.

So how can you delight a customer with a storage solution?

We’ve come up with a simple check-list for you; if you can tick ALL the boxes then we’re pretty sure that you’ll be a delighted customer:

  • Customer service.  Surely this has to be number 1 on everyone’s list?  The knowledge that your supplier really cares; will go the extra mile for you; and will do everything that they can to ensure that you’re satisfied.
  • Expertise.  It’s one thing delivering  outstanding service, but your supplier also needs to know what they’re doing.  So a thorough understanding of all aspects of storage solutions is vital.
  • Secure storage.  You’re storing valuable items away from your premises.  You must be satisfied that they will be safe from all risks, all of the time – theft, fire, flooding, etc. as well as kept clean and dry and isolated from everyone else’s items.
  • Value for money.  Generally, in life, you get what you pay for.  So you want all this, but you don’t want to pay the earth for it.
  • Flexibility.  Ideally you’ll need flexible contract terms, as you may not always know how long you want your items stored for: days, weeks, months, or longer.
  • Access.  You may be leaving your items untouched for a while.  You may, on the other hand, want to access them regularly (for example if you are selling them on eBay or simply “out-sourcing space”) or you may (and it happens!) have put something into storage accidentally and need it back in a hurry.  Either way, access to your items is essential.

Ready to be delighted?

We thought so.  Congratulations – you’re about to be.

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