Storage for antiques and auction houses in london

Space is at a premium in London, and whilst many antiques shops and auction houses have space set aside for their collectables there may be certain circumstances in which the space set aside is not suitable for the antiquities you have in your possession and you may require long term storage.

Storage units in Chelsea are an ideal choice for antiques dealers and auction houses that require more space for their possessions. Here’s some popular reasons why:

Short term storage for large events

Auction Houses that are at special limit for a large event may require a self storage unit to keep the additional items they have on their catalogue.

It may be that as the items are delivered the need for a short term solution becomes apparent, storage units in Chelsea are perfect for storing items that London auction houses don’t have space for in the run up to a big event.

Extra space for busy antiques dealers

There may be times when you find that you have so many items in store that extra space is needed for customers or clients to be able to see your antiques at their best.

Often a good idea is to invest in long term storage for large bulkier items and items which are of less interest in the current market. By storing these items offsite, it will allow you to properly showcase the antiques and allow them to be admired properly.

Offsite storage for larger items

Bulky and large items may need to be stored offsite because you simply don’t have the room for them on your premises.

Large items of furniture such as a dresser, linen press, or four poster bed may be good candidates for long term storage – freeing up room for smaller items that hold more value.

Secure storage for high value items

If you are worried about the security of high value pieces the use of secure storage may be a good choice for your most valuable assets.

The items can be held at a secure unit off your premises to keep them safe for potential theft or criminal damage.

Finding the best storage environment

One of the major concerns for antique dealers and auction houses is the environment in which valuable items are kept.

Dampness does not lend itself well to keeping antiquities safe. Finding a drier environment is paramount to maintaining items and ensuring that they are not devalued by damaged from mould spores or humidity.

If you are in the London area, using our storage units in Chelsea is the perfect solution to keeping your valuables, safe and secure and ensuring you have enough space to trade effectively.

Chelsea Self Storage

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