Self Storage London – the top 8 tips for storing your clothes safely

Many of us will have experienced digging out an item of clothing that we haven’t worn for ages – an old coat perhaps, or at the other end of the scale a pair of rugby socks – only to find that it’s (they’re) not exactly in pristine condition! The moths may have got to it (them), perhaps, or some dampness at the time of putting them away has led to some damage to the fabric.  Annoying, especially since you clearly wanted to wear it (them).

This can happen in our house or flat, after a relatively short period of time.  Changes in heat, humidity, and moisture can all cause damage, not to mention our little friends the insects and rodents who occasionally get to places we’d rather they didn’t!

Top Tips

Imagine how much worse it could be if you’re retrieving clothing after several months from self storage?  Thankfully, there are simple precautions you can take to ensure that when they are finally retrieved they’ll be in the exact same condition as when you stored them away.  So here’s your list of tips:

  1. An obvious starting point, but make sure that your clothes are clean and dry before you pack them.  Starch attracts insects and pests, incidentally, so avoid using that on your clothes before storage!  If your clothes are dirty, bacteria and other organic matter are likely to be present in the fabric, which will attract moths and beetles.  Be especially vigilant with natural fibres like cotton and wool, which insects and pests are attracted to.
  2. The temptation might be to use air-tight or vacuum-sealed bags, but these will (by definition) keep air out and thus prevent ventilation, which in turn could lead to mould growing inside the bags.
  3. Inserting silica gel packets into the containers will help keep moisture to a minimum.
  4. Cedar blocks are a natural repellent to moths and other insects – they won’t leave a smell and they won’t leave behind any chemical residue.
  5. As we’ve said on other occasions, label the containers accurately: what’s in there, the date it went in, and any other important details about the clothing.
  6. Air tight plastic containers with lids are the best things to pack your clothes into.  Make sure they are clean and dry, and line them with clean cotton sheets.  You might also consider acid-free boxes and tissue paper – a little more expensive but worthwhile if you’re storing something like a wedding dress.
  7. If the clothes are going to be stored for an extended period of time – six months plus – it won’t do any harm to check them occasionally, just to determine that nothing has “got in”.
  8. All this talk of insects, and pests, and moisture, and things “getting in”, of course begs the question – what about the storage facility itself?  This is possibly the most important decision of all!  You want your clothes stored securely, safely, and in an environment that is cool, dry, clean, and dark.  And this is where we come in …

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