How self storage can help you sell your home in london

Selling your home can be a challenging, as well as exciting, project – people move house for a myriad of reasons that may be personal, professional or simply practical to their living requirements. Whatever the motivation to move, selling your property for the best price, and often as quickly as, possible, is always a priority – and there are a number of ways to increase the appeal of your property to potential buyers.

Apart from the technical aspects such as appointing agents and pricing, there are some practical steps you can take to prepare and present your property for sale. Decluttering is one of the main projects you can undertake and making use of self-storage can be a great help in achieving this.

Here are some tips on how to better present your house for the market, and how self-storage in London can assist in a successful house sale:


Decluttering is effective, but not always easy – you don’t necessarily want to simply dispose of your items, but you do want to make your house appear more spacious, organised and aesthetically attractive. The best way to achieve this is to make use of self-storage facilities to store these valuable items – you can keep them in a safe, dry and secure storage unit for as long as you need to.  


Creating an attractive and welcoming ambience in your home is important – even when you’re trying to sell it!

It is generally accepted that people house-hunting are looking for somewhere which will give them a sense of space and an opportunity to impose their own taste on the property. A house that appears cluttered often gives the impression of being darker and smaller than it may actually be. Making your home appear brighter and less crowded will be far more appealing to potential buyers.

Keep items you need

Decluttering doesn’t mean simply emptying your house of things – it’s important that the space is still presented as, and retains an ambience of, ‘home’ – that, after all, is what people are looking for, a new ‘home’ for themselves and their family. Keep the items you use daily and that add to a ‘homely’ atmosphere.

Decluttering priorities

Consider the areas that will benefit most from the decluttering process – the obvious areas are the living room and any areas of ‘heavy traffic’. Consider packing away the ‘personal’ items and things such as books, ‘excessive’ furniture, toys and any ‘hobby’ equipment – things that are not essential for everyday life and take up space.


Rooms such as bedrooms and the kitchen can often appear quite ‘busy’ with smaller items on show. In the kitchen, pack away small appliances from the counter space and remove those ‘non-essential’ gadgets that aren’t used often and you can survive without for a few weeks – items such as pasta makers, crockpots and toasted sandwich makers. In the bedrooms, there are often a number of personal items on show – it is good practice to ‘depersonalise’ these areas, so potential buyers can picture the space with their own things. Packing away any ‘seasonal’ clothing that is irrelevant to the present will also help to give the illusion of more luxurious storage space – something everybody looks for in the bedrooms.


This really is a decision of functionality against appearance. Any furniture, appliances and even ornaments/décor that are either essential, or desirable plus complementary to the space, can, and should, stay. If these items are merely decorative and taking up space, thus making the area appear smaller or ‘over-crowded’, then it is better to place them in storage.

The important thing to remember is decluttering doesn’t necessarily mean disposing of the things you love and want to retain long-term. Choosing the self-storage option will greatly improve your property’s appeal from a sales point of view and has the added bonus of having started your packing for your eventual move!

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