How to prepare your photos for a storage unit

When decluttering, or moving home, you will always have some items that, although may not be required on a daily basis, you will always want to keep for sentimental or personal reasons. Certainly, treasured photographs will fall into this category. A good option to preserve these things is to rent a self-storage unit and keep them in a safe, dry and secure environment.

Here are a few aspects to consider when doing so:

Prepare your photos

Keeping them in good condition is paramount, so consider affixing them securely in photo albums in individual sleeves, ensuring that they face away from each other. Alternatively, keep them in frames or a secure folder.

If you have a number of loose photographs then store them in between individual pieces of card, making sure that the materials are acid-free.

Indeed, any storage materials used should be able to pass the PAT (Photographic Activity Test). This means that whatever storage container used won’t have anything in it that that may have a negative, or degenerative, effect on the materials used in the photographs.

Try to purchase PAT approved boxes (usually identified in the packaging) and stack these containers so that the photos are stored upright – this will help prevent curling and deterioration over a period of time. Ensure, also, that these boxes are water resistant and can be fully sealed.

Putting your photos into storage

Having successfully packed your photos in the correct way, then choose a storage space that is dry and cool. Where available, select a self-storage facility that offers a climate controlled environment.

The boxes of photographs should always be stored above ground level – preferably on an elevated rack or shelf. It is important that these racks be kept away from draughts and vents and, wherever feasible, in a dark environment. Exposure to light of any kind can lead to fading and general degeneration of your pictures.

Digital copying

Finally, consider digitising your photographs. Copying them in digital form will, not only, preserve your pictures in an easy accessible and space saving format, but will provide a perfect back-up should the unthinkable happen to your original pictures! You can get your precious memories digitally copied to a pen drive, or DVD and, once done, you can download onto your computer, or other digital storage mediums, for instant and easy access. Once successfully downloaded, ensure you make back-up copies and store those separately from your original photos.

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