Advantages of using off-site business storage

If you’ve been wondering whether it’s worth using off-site storage facilities for your business, then look no further. Below we discuss the main advantages of choosing to use off-site storage for your business.

Don’t worry about about fuel bills

When you are considering your business storage needs, you need to be aware of the costs associated with finding somewhere with suitable storage for business. When your business items are stored away in a self-storage unit, it means that you won’t need to worry about electricity and heating bills. These will already be included in the price so you can budget more effectively and efficiently.

Off site business storage provides security and safety

Your equipment, documents, and other items are kept secure when stored in an off-site business storage placement. This is important to protect your business assets but also to give you peace of mind. Business storage units also give you an extra layer of protection. This comes in the form of CCTV coverage that provides a record of access to your storage unit. You will have a visual record of all who have had access to your unit, which also acts as a powerful deterrent for any attempts at unauthorized access.

Flexibility as your business develops and changes

Your business is constantly changing. Whether you’re growing or downsizing, you need a storage unit that can accommodate your needs. If you are using a landlord, you’ll find that most will be reluctant to allow you to change your mind over the amount of space you require for your business. Using self-storage facilities allows you the flexibility to downgrade or upgrade anytime depending on the requirements of your business.

No service charges

When you use off-site business storage units, you only pay for what you use – the storage. There are no extra or unnecessary hidden fees such as gardeners, cleaners or maintenance to factor in.

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Chelsea Self Storage

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