How to carry large items and furniture when moving to storage

Moving home is always a daunting task, however excited you may be at the prospect of a new property. There is so much planning and preparation goes into it and whether you’re employing professional removal staff, or doing it all yourself, there is, inevitably, some lifting and carrying involved in preparation for the move. So, the very last thing you need at this hectic time is to injure yourself in the process!

Here are some aspects you should consider to avoid that happening:

Prepare to carry properly to carry your items

Ensure that you have enough ‘hands’ to call on – many items, furniture especially, will require two or more people to lift and manoeuvre. Remove all clutter and loose items from the area you’ll be working in and passing through – visibility is not always clear when carrying bulky items and it’s important that you keep all pathways clear.

If opting to do a substantial part of the move yourself, then ensure you have the right ‘kit’ – suitable footwear (work boots, trainers, or any shoes with closed toes and rubber soles) – work gloves will always help in both protecting your hands and providing a more solid grip of items.

Measure doorways, stairways and other relevant passages before attempting to move items – this will make for quicker, more efficient removal and avoid those energy-sapping delays standing around holding heavy furniture whilst trying to figure out how to get it through the gap! Consider removing legs, handles etc. where relevant, before moving to aid ease of passage.

Use the correct carrying technique

Correct stance and lifting technique are essential in order to avoid injury – a back injury is easily sustained in these circumstances and can lead to a long period of pain and inconvenience! Consider taking these precautions:

  • Stance – place feet shoulder-width apart with one foot slightly forward before attempting to lift
  • Ensure you keep your back straight with your shoulders back and your elbows tucked in. Look straight ahead.
  • Don’t try to lift, or carry items too high – and NEVER lift above your head! Keep them close to your waist – this provides greater stability and comfort when carrying.
  • Wherever possible, push as opposed to pull – this provides less strain and allows greater visibility
  • Take small steps and move slowly – this provides greater control whilst carrying heavy objects
  • It’s an old favourite, but very important – bend at the knees, NOT the waist

Utilise lifting and carrying aids

There are a number of different tools you can use to make moving heavy items much less of a strain. Consider utilising stair rollers (attached to furniture), lifting straps, dollies and gliders, or sliders, placed underneath heavy items to assist pushing.

Moving is a stressful time at best – hopefully, these tips will ensure that you won’t have to spend the first few days in your new home laid up in your newly-positioned bed!