Business stock storage units – how to organise and manage

Whatever goods your company trades in, stock management is a vital component of your business. Whilst other aspects of your business need to be efficient and effective – marketing, advertising, customer service – failing to correctly organise and manage your stock levels will adversely affect your business performance.

Here are some aspects of business stock storage you should consider:

Effective stock management is essential

If you run out of product you will quickly disappoint – and therefore lose – custom! Implement an inventory management system that enables you to buy the right stock quantity at the relevant times – this will reduce your storage costs by not carrying excess stock whilst also maximising your sales.

If you are holding more stock than you are selling you will need larger storage space – and incur those costs – as well having to, perhaps, eventually sell the ageing stock at reduced prices – in some cases maybe even at a loss!

The ‘flip’ side of that is, if you don’t store enough stock, you will lose out on valuable sales as well as projecting a negative image of your service.

Analyse your sales to make forecasts

You can install inventory management software to accurately track your stock inventory and sales – this will inform of sales trends and allow you to forecast which stock is selling the most/quickest and therefore adjust your stock quantities accordingly.

Try sell stock chronologically

Wherever possible you should sell your stock chronologically – operate a ‘first in, first out’ stock policy. This is good practice for all stock but essential for items that have expiration dates. Organise your stock so that the items coming in are located at the back of your business storage space.

Stock storage should be flexible to your needs

Having acquired your stock you need to source an appropriate space in which to store it.  Source a business storage company that specifically caters for business stock storage – many storage facilities can provide different sized spaces giving you the option of up or downgrading your space at relevant times.

Vertical storage will maximise the floor space

Organizing your business stock storage space efficiently is important. Ensure you make the best use of the space you have – use all the vertical space you can to ‘free up’ the floor space to create easy access to your stock. Store the heaviest items nearest to the ground with the lighter stock toward the top.

Place your biggest selling, or most popular, items toward the front of your space as these will be collected most frequently.

Labelling stock for storage is essential

Ensure they are clearly and correctly labelled, so they are easily identifiable.  This makes them quicker to find and will reduce the risk of dispatching incorrect items.

When identifying the best option for stock storage in London, ensure the business storage facility you choose has all the safety and security features provided for the safe keeping of your valuable goods.

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