A Comprehensive Guide To Storage Unit Sizes

There are many different aspects to consider when you are choosing a self-storage facility to house your items, whether short or long term. Many of your items may be valuable to you, either monetarily or emotionally, so choosing the best storage facility to keep them safe – and in the best condition is important. The first thing to do is calculate exactly what size storage unit you are going to need – you want a space that is big enough to store your goods comfortably, so they are not cramped, damaged, or compromised, but also not too large as you don’t want to be paying for rented space that you don’t need and will go to waste! So, decide which items, considering both size and the type of item, you are going to put into storage and from there estimate the size of unit you will need – here is a guide to the different sizes of storage unit that you can rent, and how to assess the storage space within them:

Small Units

The smaller units you can usually find are roughly the size of a garden shed – so you can already assess the type of items you may be likely to store in a small unit! They usually measure between 25 and 50 square feet, and will, typically, hold the entire contents of one room in your home. Another way to assess it, is that the contents of these small units would fill approximately half the size of a transit van. These units are ideal for storing items such as garden supplies, tools and equipment, seasonal decorations, camping and sports or fitness gear, bikes, and even smaller furniture items such as side tables and chairs.

Medium Units 

What would typically qualify as a medium sized storage unit would offer you between 75 and 150 square feet of storage space – approximately the size of a single garage! These units can comfortably accommodate items such as double-beds, a three-piece suite, wardrobes and even dining tables and chairs. Larger garden equipment can also be stored in a storage unit this size.

Large Units 

The larger units offer a comprehensive storage space – somewhere between 175 and 250 square feet – that is big enough to accommodate the entire contents of a typical 4-5 bedroomed house! You can equate the space these larger storage units offer to that of a double garage – and these units are ideal for business storage – perhaps large amounts of stock or office equipment. They would provide space for large beds, full furniture sets, refrigerators, and large freezers, and even items such as large musical instruments – pianos and such – or perhaps even construction supplies and equipment!

Many storage facilities will offer even bigger units – these industrial sized storage spaces can be up to 500 square feet and are ideal for businesses – they are about the size of a three-car garage. Indeed, you can store vehicles in these, or large amounts of business stock or construction equipment. If you are looking for even larger storage spaces than these, then you are in the territory of renting a warehouse!


Consider aspects such as whether your items need to be in a controlled environment with regards to climate, temperature, and such, and what access the facility offers you to your stored items, and how far from you is the storage facility? You will want a unit that is clean, dry, secure, and well-lit. Your storage unit should be water-tight and, where necessary and possible, climate-controlled to avoid moisture build-up and damp.


Another obvious, and major consideration in choosing your storage facility is cost! Many storage facilities offer more favourable rates the longer the rental time required, and many will offer month-by-month options with no deposit, making your rental agreement more flexible. Self-storage prices can vary, so it is worth “shopping around” to establish the best value-for money storage option for your specific needs.  


Finally, consider the security aspects of the storage facility – select a facility that offers individual locks and personal codes to allow only authorised access to your unit. Many self-storage facilities will have 24-hour security and state-of-the-art camera and surveillance equipment in place to offer the best protection for your valuable items.