5 Self Storage Risks

Many people have increasingly turned to self-storage facilities as a solution for a cluttered home or work space – a self-storage unit offers an opportunity to store items that are perhaps not in everyday use, or seasonal items that occupy valuable space in your home environment. There are many reasons why self-storage can be the answer to your problems – but people may harbour concerns over the safety of putting your precious items into a storage unit remote from your home. Here are some aspects of self-storage that you should consider before choosing a storage facility:


If you are renting a self-storage unit from a reputable, established storage company then the risk of theft from your unit is very low! Modern self-storage facilities have state-of-the-art security protecting the premises – 24-hour camera coverage, each unit individually locked and only accessed with a key issued to the owner, or a coded keypad, again with the code only known to the unit owner. Many of the facilities are staffed around the clock and the overall premises, as well as the individual units, are secured to the highest standard! People often store items of great value – either financial or sentimental – in these self-storage units so, despite the reassurance offered through these security measures, it is always prudent to be aware of even the smallest possibility of the threat of theft of your possessions from break-ins. You should always investigate the security records and history of any facility you may be considering renting and ensure you choose a storage company with a reputation of tight security.


Always research the storage facility before you rent a self-storage unit – if the operational quality of a facility is inconsistent, with a history of occasional negligence in its standards and management, then you should go elsewhere. Negligence can lead to lapses in security and poor maintenance of the units which can invite vandalism and theft. Poor maintenance of a facility can also result in negative storage conditions such as damp or possible pest infestation which can be hugely damaging to your stored items! Before you agree to renting from a facility, make a point of visiting the premises personally, see the conditions of the individual units themselves and the facility as a whole, and take the time to read all the latest online and any other available reviews from previous users of the facility.


Again, a high-end, reputable storage company will have units that are climate controlled and able to maintain all your items in perfect condition – but, sometimes if people are storing just a few items in a small self-storage unit, they may be tempted to opt for the cheaper options without considering the environment in which they are placing their goods. If you rent a unit without climate control then you run the risk of your items being subjected to extreme temperatures, possible damaging humidity, and other adverse storage conditions that may have a negative effect on your possessions. If your unit contains antiques, artworks, electronic equipment or even important paperwork or documentation, then a non-climate-controlled self-storage unit can cause irreparable damage – always consider the suitability of the storage unit for the specific items you are going to keep in it!


Whilst self-storage units are an ideal solution for an over-crowded home or workplace from a space-saving perspective, you should always consider the items you are going to store and how often you are going to need to access these things whilst in storage. Consider the geographical location of the storage facility – if you are storing some items that you will need to access regularly, you don’t want to be travelling miles away every time you need something from your unit! Likewise, ask about your individual access to your unit – does your storage facility offer complete access whenever you may need, even late at night or over weekends, holidays and such? Clarify all these conditions before you commit to the rental.


As with any business or personal decision that incurs a financial outlay, check thoroughly all the costs involved and terms of contract for time periods, size of unit and all the facilities and their associated costs. Whilst renting self-storage unts is largely an affordable, cost-effective and affordable solution to restricted space issues, ensure that it is the BEST solution cost for you – costs for long-term contracts can mount up, although all good facilities offer short-term, flexible contracts that should enable you to pay only for the space you need for the period that you need it for!

Renting a self-storage unit is overall a safe, affordable option for relieving space issues in your home or work – but it is always prudent to carefully consider ALL the aspects, risks, advantages and disadvantages before choosing a storage facility. Choose a reputable, established storage company and confirm all the conditions attached to any rental contract.